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      • Company Name:
      • liaoning zhongwang
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      • Main Products:
      • aluminum door,T-shape aluninum extrude product ,engine support ,Side/back protector of truck ,Battery pack frame ,Window slideway ,Air container ,Front/back collision-avoidance system ,Forging barsfor steering knuckle and suspension ,Front engine support ,Profile of seat frame ,Front/back sub-frame ,Instrument panelsupport ,Door beam ,Battery pack support ,Cabin support ,High strength profile of pillar ,Spinning tube of hub ,Tube of automobile air conditioner ,Luggage rack ,Skylight slideway
      • Address:
      • wuhu city
      • Post Code:
      • 05553
      • Contact Person:
      • rain chen
      • Department:
      • manager
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      • Tel:
      • 18255328234
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