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China Zhongwang built in 1993 and has gone public successfully in Hong Kong 8th May 2009. It is the second biggest
industrial aluminum R&D manufacture in the world and No.1 in Asia.
We are committed to aluminum and aluminum alloy materials promotion and application in multiple fields, it has been the only
enterprise with ability to supply one stop light-weight solution for customers in China, our services include structure design,
material development, engineering solution and manufacturing

          • Company Name:
          • liaoning zhongwang
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          • Main Products:
          • aluminum door,T-shape aluninum extrude product ,engine support ,Side/back protector of truck ,Battery pack frame ,Window slideway ,Air container ,Front/back collision-avoidance system ,Forging barsfor steering knuckle and suspension ,Front engine support ,Profile of seat frame ,Front/back sub-frame ,Instrument panelsupport ,Door beam ,Battery pack support ,Cabin support ,High strength profile of pillar ,Spinning tube of hub ,Tube of automobile air conditioner ,Luggage rack ,Skylight slideway
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          • wuhu city
          • Post Code:
          • 05553
          • Contact Person:
          • rain chen
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          • manager
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          • 18255328234
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